Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's really going on...

Working on the house on nights and weekends is another full-time job, but we do know how to take it easy, too.

The kittens, which we had given up for dead because there had been absolutely no sign of them ten weeks past their arrival, have arrived!  One gray cat didn't make it, but Spooky (the gray one) and Buttermilk (the "white" one - not so white as she was when she was born) entertain us as they continue to feel us out.  Last Thursday we sat in the driveway and watched them bounce back and forth and tumble on top of each other.  

 Spooky and Buttermilk getting Felix's leftovers... Felix meows at us like we are neglecting her kittens and not feeding them, but then she eats all the extras we put out.

 Maya & Sara were graced with Tio Daniel's presence in the pool on Father's Day.  We all had a great party with a fantastic taco bar.  Daniel's face clearly indicates that the rest of us were really missing out on the dry porch.

Every now and again we do have to go weed and water - the house isn't the only work to be done. The garlic is looking awesome, the onions are coming in fine.  The tomatoes and pintos were shredded by hail and may make it.  Half the tomatoes were wiped out in our "last pour" on Saturday.  The beets and cucumbers are also iffy.  The raspberries and blackberries bit the dust.
 The garlic is taking shape with scapes.

A twosome of scapes intertwined - photo taken on our anniversary
Am I suggesting they are symbolic of Tom & I?  Hmmm....

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