Monday, June 25, 2012

What They Really Want to Say...

Thomas and I saw a large "cloud" on the horizon as we left Denver on Saturday.  It was far enough away that you couldn't see the billowing action near the base, but we both recognized it as smoke.  At first we wondered if it was north of Pueblo, but as the highway took its various turns it looked like it could be as close as Castle Rock.  We assumed it wasn't too near the highway, as traffic had not been backed up yet.  (And Thomas will tell you that it doesn't take much for the highway to back up in Colorado; sometimes it doesn't take anything at all.)

The fire, dubbed the Waldo Canyon Fire, is in NW Colorado Springs and the area, and a lot of people have been evacuated.  We both are sympatheitc to the people and the fire fighters trying to control it. 

Admittedly, there were two reasons for laughter despite the seriousness of the fire.  First, I laughed when I heard a person from the eastern seaboard (a hurricane kind of guy) comment that he thought anyplace that had trees had to have enough rain and couldn't catch fire.  He also thought it unbelieveable that the forest could catch fire because it is maintained and there are people to rake out the leaves and needles from under the trees to prevent fires.  Must not have lived here long...

Secondly, this sign: 
Actually there were signs like this every two or three miles through Colorado Springs.  The alternating blinking message was that smoke is visible from the road.  Thomas and I laughed about what someone driving down the highway in a largely populated area must be thinking to inspire him to make the call, and if it is even too late to post the signs in town because it can be seen for miles and miles.  We also laughed about what the Department of Transportation really wanted to write - "do not call to report" lacks all the sarcasm that really could be laid on thick in such a situation.

In truth, we really do hope an pray for favorable weather conditions and strong resources to get it under control soon.  There are fires burning all over our state, too, and God-willing, we will get the moisture and resources to keep everyone safe.

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