Friday, June 1, 2012


On our travels through southeast New Mexico with Miki, Marty, and Ollie, we stayed at the Trinity Hotel in Carlsbad on Saturday night.  The place was a gem, more than Thomas and I would have splurged for on our own.  They had a fancy restaurant and wine bar on the main floor.  There are only about 8-10 rooms, but one included a large safe that had a sleeper sofa in it.  That is where Thomas and I slept.
At breakfast Sunday morning, I started talking up the owner, who is from Maxwell (just north of Springer). We talked about this and that, their vineyard, the name for their wine label, etc. It turns out that my unspoken suspicions may be true - the place sounds haunted.
Our story: Tom and I slept in a safe.  The heavy old door with the lock was leaning against the wall, but there were still a pair of old metal doors that rubbed terribly on the hinges when you close them.  We closed them to within an inch or two, and gratefully Ollie was sleeping heavily already and didn't seem to notice the grating metal.  Once we closed them, they weren't reopened until morning (thank goodness I didn't have to pee in the night).  It was stuffy, so Tom asked if he could turn on the fan, which had to be turned on by standing on the bed now unfolded.
In the morning the fan was turned off.  The doors hadn't been opened, nor do either of us remember someone standing on our legs to pull the cord.  Hmmmm.....

The best part of it all is how silly the fan looks with its stubby four little blades:

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