Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rooms with Views

My Auntie Rose requested pictures of the views from our windows.  I snapped a few pictures on Friday to capture the loveliness, but may not have found the best light.  Or maybe I need to clean the windows (fat chance of that happening!).  Though spring has arrived, the colors have not - lots of browns framed by a big beautiful blue sky!

If I count correctly, there are 8 south facing windows.  There are four little ones in the basement - fresh air and natural light, plus an emergency exit.  Then there is the bay in the kitchen, where the view may be obstructed by plants when we move in:

 The dining table will have a view out of the three paned window.  Next to it is the sliding door to the "back yard".  The gap in the mesa, which seems to fall right between the windows, is where our road gets its name.

 The stairs to the basement sit in the SW corner.  The window to the south and the window to the west will let in light upstairs and down, plus the west facing window slides open for a breeze:

The other easterly window we bought new (yep, all those ones pictured above were obtained for a steal at the ReStores around Denver), and we haven't stripped the protection off the window, so the picture was pretty hazy.  There are six windows facing north.  The two bathroom windows are block-style for allowing light in while protecting the privacy of whoever is showering.  These two are in the guest bedroom:

 This is in the front door:

And the sixth is a new one in the master bedroom.  It hasn't shed it's protection either, but this is roughly the view from it.

The last window faces east from the master bedroom.  The view of the side of the shed, old carport, and construction trailer isn't photo worthy, but the sunrise into our bedroom will be.  We're moving the mudroom we built when we first arrived to Miami.  It will be attached to the east side of the house and house the chest freezer and laundry machines as it does now.  It, too, has a few windows, but we'll just have to wait and see those after it's moved.

The light in the house is excellent, and it reminds me of my sunny apartment in Denver that sat on a SW corner.  I think we'll have really good oxygen with such good light - yes, the open layout on the south side will have lots of room for green friends.  The houseplants we have might multiply....(maniacal laugh!)...and I can't wait!

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