Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Waiting, Waiting, and Here It Is!

Thomas and I made a list last Thursday of what we need to accomplish on the house and when, so we can move into it before next summer.  It is ambitious and doable, but as we have come to know all to well, the best made plans are tossed out the window as soon as they are written down.

Case in point: this weekend our goal was to get up all the drywall, install the bathroom cabinets, and lay down our support base for the kitchen cabinets.  Some of the drywall was already up, and much of it I can do by myself while Thomas tackles some of the cabinet work.  And that was how it played out on Saturday.  But Friday I got notice that the big appliance sale at Sears that we have been waiting for arrived.  The Veterans Day sale is their end of year biggie, and we waited for it.  Consequently, Sunday afternoon and all day Monday were no longer working on drywall days.

However, in the world of checking things off our list, we purchased our kitchen appliances - oven, microwave/vent, fridge, and dishwasher.  Even better, they will be delivered in December, and we weren't unloading them in the dark on Monday.  With an empty trailer and truck bed and the appliances ordered, we were able to know off a whole bunch else on the shopping list - bathroom light fixtures, bathroom mirrors, bathroom faucets, a door between the kitchen and mudroom (the old dutch from the original mudroom when we bought the place isn't going to hold up), backer board for the bathtub tile walls, and hopefully the last of the electrical line, among other smaller items. 

As we cruised around town, we were keeping an eye out for a wood stove, but upon calling a place in Trinidad to check on the price for one stove, landed another stove at less than 50% the original price.  It is a perfect little stove for our house, not real bulky.  The markdown was simply because it was the last of that model and had been hanging around for too long.  It isn't mobile-home approved, and it is for a smaller house, so I am guessing most people in the market are either looking for something larger or approved for a mobile-home.  Tom brought it home yesterday after work.

Woo to get back on track with the house work!  The guest bedroom is nearly finished - just the peaked ceiling over the closet needs to be drywalled.  Then I can begin laying the floor!  It won't be long now....

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