Tuesday, July 29, 2014

End of July Visitor

Poor Momma got left behind on my parents' planned trip to visit last weekend.  She had lots of great company in my dad's absence, and he put in lots of work.

Friday he helped me install tile in the bathroom.  We got ourselves to the transition line - at which point Tom and I need to work out the spacing of the "accent" tile.  Friday, Pop, Abba, and I also got the dishwasher in.  Pop is terrific at solving all that plumbing and wiring stuff.  Moving right along...

Abba and I also pulled out the bathroom door, sanded and oiled it.  Then I had the pleasure of pulling out Tom's chisel to get the holes/space just right for the door knob.  I think I was just telling my two dads not to say anything to Tom about using the chisel when he walked through the kitchen door.  Busted - but not my hand!

Saturday morning, Thomas picked up Abba and hauled him and a bunch of equipment down to the lake tank for cleaning.  It is our assignment for workday for our domestic water users association.  I figured it would be a fun - if not different - job than he's used to when he visits.  He and Tio climbed in and brushed down the walls while Thomas tried to keep the pump running to suck out all the muck.  (Meanwhile, I showed up to deliver drinks and take pictures and got put to work.  I was also preparing our dish for the potluck.)

In the afternoon we left Thomas to attend the meeting, and Abba and I tackled another door.  Abba got to oil a bunch of floor trim, some of which Tom already installed!  And our grand finale of the day - we got the refrigerator in the house.

And our last day of work - Sunday - and Abba's last day in town:  they got the stove in!  They also got countertops screwed down to the cabinets.  Those guys were so productive, while I had church stuff in town.  I finished off the third door, while those guys did what they do best!

 Our corner counter top got a little fancy fabrication work.  It turned out awesome.  One more countertop to go, and the kitchen will be near ready for a first meal...the sink and faucet are ready for installation next!

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