Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Progress in so many ways

I haven't posted much lately, as I've been swamped.  There's always work to be done at home, and I was feeling a little ragged after a couple intense weeks for VBS at work. 

picture of the pretty wood flooring in our room - it's a collection of mix and match widths, lengths, and colors - creating a beautiful patchwork - thanks Habitat ReStore
this was finished in June

Thomas was finishing the lacquer on these when I chiseled my hand - looks so good!

installing this was a great way to celebrate Independence Day 
the microwave/hood vent fought us terribly, but ultimately fits perfectly
I won't say how many attempts we made to get it up - but the lesson: never trust a template!
(you can see the trim is up on the ceiling and the top of the cabinet - subtle, yes?)

we cut our counter tops on July 5th
I inadvertently created some elevated blood pressures when I announced there was one more package left in the closet when there were actually two.  Phew - after I just said that this "model" was no longer available!

I had to work on Sunday to get ready for VBS.  Meanwhile, Thomas had fun welding - much more interesting for him than messing with that microwave, I'm sure.  He is welding the steel frame for a shelf that will create a partition between the stairwell and the main floor.  Part shelf - part banister - all really cool looking!

our tile floor is so pretty and really ties the room together
we got almost all of it installed before the gully washer on Sunday put an end to tile cutting 
(an outside operation - no mud allowed inside!) 
just need to install the pieces around the cabinets and ready for grout!

It's been a busy few weekends.  We are keeping busy on the weeknights, too.  Moving in may be around the corner!

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