Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On the Road Again

A week ago I headed south.  It was my third trip to Las Vegas for the week.  The drive down in the morning and back in the afternoon usually puts the driver (me) in a sunny window both ways, so I dressed in sandals and a pair of short pants.  I had a light sweater, but it had been so warm the past couple days...

After the meeting I went to Santa Fe for an appointment and a few errands.  As I headed back home, I called Thomas to let him know where I was and my ETA.  I joked about not making it home because the fierce winds might land me in Kansas instead.  He warned me to be careful, as there was snow on the ground in Miami.  SNOW on the GROUND? 

As I approached the mesas, I could see a storm dropping snow and moving south of the mesas, but it wasn't until I got north that I could see how a pillar of snow just washed over the land as it headed south, leaving a layer of snow on all the north faces of fences, trees, power poles, houses, etc.

It's not a great shot, but as pulled up to the house, a large crane lifts off from the south side of the roof and flies off.  I scrambled for the camera, but wasn't terribly quick. 

At 36 degrees, the weather was a bit nippy for my spring wardrobe and sandals.  Even worse, I wasn't ready to get muddy!  I know - wah - wah - wah!  We need all the moisture we can get, regardless of the mud.

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