Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Bonus

A funeral is not generally a happy event, though there certainly was a silver lining: seeing family!  Especially when family is spread far and wide, this really is a homecoming of sorts that can't be overlooked.

 I am pretty sure this is Anya, one of John and Theresa's twins.  Not only was Uncle Ken entertaining, but she loved being near the babies.

 And what a sweet baby is this one!  I got to feed Ollie, and the alternation of spoon, food, and fingers into his mouth made for a wonderful mess.  (Note: he's wearing two bibs!)

 I was grateful to hog my godson Sunday night, since I was too weak from sickness to hold him on Monday.

Hanging with Uncle Auggie - who, I might add, we are thrilled to learn is newly engaged.  (It's on facebook, so it is hardly a secret anymore!)  Hooray for another family reunion to come!

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