Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tales of the Domestic Front

These days have been flying by, or maybe blowing by!  The wind has been fierce, but Thomas made great effort while I was gone and last weekend to work on the fence for the garden.  We decided to put up snow fence on the western edge to help protect the garden from the wind, which is already hot and dry in the summer. 

Thomas drove in the t-post, and though it is hard to see, there is a big gate at the end of the row of posts where he drove a big post in.  Last Sunday we drove the hitching post in for this gate and a corner post another 70 feet north of it.  Hopefully we can string wire this weekend.

I have been baking on the weekends - always good to have leftovers during the week.  These garlic roll (think cinnamon roll with garlic butter and herbs inside instead of cinnamon and raisins) turned out well.  The recipe is from my cousin's blog

House projects progress slowly - deciding a roof color (propanel), placing orders, etc.  Not the right time to be putting of styrofoam blocks in the kind of wind we have been having.  We're thinking about the garden and what we'll plant, though it is way too early to be planting with the temps we are still getting.  Of course, we also have to think about how we will water it.  We'll never get back the two hours of our life spent at the water meeting on Monday night, but at least some eloquent Vigil men were able to say what's what and thank the people who protect our water, what little we have.  Might not be irrigation water to be had this year!

And just a few comical pictures - speaking of water:
 I opened the blinds in our bedroom one morning to see Felix taking a bath.  She is sitting on a bucket of frozen water.  Not where I would choose to sit, but evidently it suited her.

Sitting on the edge of the bucket glowering at me - we don't entirely get along.  "The boy" is so much more cuddly; however, she has taken to following me when I walk for the mail or to the neighbor's for eggs.

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