Thursday, March 22, 2012

A foreign land

I saw a lot of water today, and I knew I wasn't in Miami anymore! (Also, I woke up to the sound of a lawnmower instead of wind.)

I am back in Los Angeles with my momma in the company of wonderful friends. A work conference brought me out here, but the time with family and friends is so rejuvenating. Joyce took us to the beach today, and I actually got my toes wet in the Pacific. I also collected some seashells for my nieces and personal rock/shell collection.

This time last year we were hunkered down in the rain, but this year the sun is brightly hanging in the sky. I got in a nice walk through the neighborhood and was intoxicated with all the scents and colors. So much in bloom! And the meyer lemon tree in their yard is loaded with aromatic and tangy fruit - of which I have already consumed three. Joyce's grandson suggested I smelled very lemony - every time I smell it I want another lemon. So tasty!

I am enjoying a day of vacation before the conference begins in earnest tomorrow, but I miss my mister.

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