Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Valentine's Day - Vigil style

A belated report on our romantic getaway for Valentine's Day, aka let's go to Santa Fe to buy windows and see your friends on the way home.  Thomas and I, in fact, did make a trip to Santa Fe over President's weekend.  It may be a new tradition, seeing as we celebrated our second annual trip to Santa Fe to (1) have sushi for a Valentine's dinner and (2) stay at the King's Rest Court Inn.  A worthy tradition!

This time we checked out a different Saturday evening mass, which was really long.  We both walked out a little amused, but still not quite ready for dinner.  Thomas suggested stopping in to Trader Joe's, where we amassed some honey whole wheat pretzel sticks.  They were passing out samples of wine and cheese, which inspired Thomas to suggest I find a bottle of wine while he went and got some cheese.  Truly not a dessert chaser to sushi, but after a delicious dinner, we checked into our room and let dinner settle before getting in to the wine and cheese.

 Getting in to the cheese wasn't a problem, but this arsenal of tools accompanied the "getting in to the wine" part.

 Thomas adeptly removed a screw from the bathroom vanity, screwed it into the cork, and used pliers to pry the screw away from the glass, thus removing the cork intact.  Well done, Thomas!

Sunday morning Thomas took me to breakfast at a place he reportedly frequented his senior year of high school when a teacher would send him out to pick up breakfast for them - not the kind of high school I went to.  We headed on down to Home Depot to make our window purchase final and pick up a few gardening things.  Thomas also got to spend his birthday money on a new cordless drill.  With plenty of time before our afternoon dinner date with a pair of Tom's best buds, he took me on a nice drive and brief walk of some of the Pecos Wilderness, a frequent stomping ground of the guys in high school for biking and camping. 

Next stop was the Jeff McIntosh - JW Betts - Tom Vigil reunion.  When we'd seen JW at his father's funeral, we decided it really would be great to get those three together once more before the Betts headed east again.  Jeff and Casey laid out a lovely spread at their beautiful home.  Their daughter Sawyer introduced us to the chickens and goats and mini-mules.  The dogs wouldn't wait for an introduction.  Soon after JW and Stephanie arrived with Jack, Titus, Joe, and Ruby.  Super fun time~

 Drawing was a good post dinner distraction for the kids, and who better to draw skeletons on motorcycles with flames, etc.  The guys were in demand!

 Tom and I, Stephanie and JW, and Sawyer, Casey, and Jeff
Aside from the meat, which I don't remember what it was, we feasted on quinoa salad, homemade tomato bisque with crostinis, asparagus, salad, and baked potatoes.  We brought some homemade root beer and mead, and lots of yummy fruit and cookies for dessert.

Ruby and Sawyer - what fun to sit on the floor and play with the five kiddos.....

We all knew the weekend had waned, but nobody wanted to say good bye.  We rolled in about 10 pm on Sunday thoroughly satisfied with a great weekend!

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