Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do I know how to rest?

I haven't decided if I squandered my free day last Wednesday or not - I sure didn't rest as much as I would have liked.  I kind of felt guilty about being home while Thomas worked (which I totally shouldn't have since he had Columbus Day off, and I didn't), so while I did sleep in, I tried to get a bunch of stuff done.

I chopped up some old hot dog buns for stuffing and made bread pudding with them.  I baked a couple loaves of bread and a big pan of potatoes and veggies for breakfast burritos.  I got two loads of laundry done, and I also split a ton of wood.  We borrowed the splitter from Mom and Pop the evening before, so I put in a few hours doing that.  I did read a little, too, but then after splitting wood, I scrubbed the shower and cleaned the bathrooms.  In truth it was nice to have these things done.

Saturday we built our first fire after getting wood - the house was 53 degrees!  I curled up on a blanket in front of the fire to try to rest, though it wasn't so comfortable.  Sunday, I had an even better idea - after lunch I pulled the futon pad onto the floor in front of the fire and curled up for a two hour nap.  So did someone else.  I got up first and tried to get evidence that I do know how to rest!  And it's so much nicer to get to rest together...

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