Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the rest of the story - nearly sans pictures

It feels like light years away that we were away from our desks and enjoying Oregon.  I guess that's just how slow of a storyteller I can be.

The highlights from our trip would be best captured in picture, but it wasn't meant to be.  After heading to Denver Wednesday evening, Betty put us up for the night only after schooling us both in Yahtzee - I knew she would.  Wednesday we headed for the airport bright and early to land in Portland, OR to sunshine right on time!  Highlight: seeing all of Mount Hood as we came in - no clouds, no snow - really a spectacular sight!

My dad quickly whisked us off to the Bear Hut, where we got to see all the work they have been doing - beautiful wood and slate walls, new windows...maybe we can stay longer on our next trip.  From there we took my dad out for a belated birthday lunch - note to self: sushi is probably more exciting than Lebanese food for him.  And then finally we arrived at the Ford residence - the Nick & Jen Ford residence.  Drew was trying to fall asleep while eating, but I did get to hold him for a few moments.  Six weeks old - so tiny!  Then we made it to the other Ford residence - the one I grew up in.  After settling in and visiting with Mom, Tom and I crossed the street to see if we could walk home with the Dieringer girls.  Naturally, Monica took to Tom with dreamy eyes and talked with him the whole way home.  After asking how Mia liked her new school, she talked my ear off the whole way home about who her friends are and how there are only three boys in the whole class - a motormouth as I have never seen her be!  At their house the kids went outside to play, and I was blessed to find a comfortable seat on the couch with Nathaniel - only 9 days old!  Thursday evening we finally got to see Auggie and Michelle and Miki and Marty at the rehearsal dinner - had to wait till Friday to see Ollie.  A fun surprise was the arrival of his godparents, who I have stayed with in California the last couple of years with my mom.  It was great to see them!

Friday morning Mom and I went to get our nails done for the wedding, and then we scooped up Maddie for some grocery shopping and party prep.  The boys headed to Costco and other shopping.  Maddie and I got to hang out in the kitchen getting ready for the family bbq in the evening, and I enjoyed hearing tales of fourth grade.  After she left, Ollie arrived.  We played and played, but he also showed off his walking skills.  Too much fun!  The BBQ was fun - lots of family and friends.

Saturday we got up early to go see Maddie play soccer on the other end of town.  Cousin Jake joined us, and we all had a ball cheering on the girls.  Ollie was more interested in the flag his dad was waving - of course, Marty got pulled in as a linesman for the game.  It was fun, though cold.  We still had time before we had to be home, so Tom, Jake, and I popped in to Martha and Mary Ministries' Hospice Home - aka Grandma and Grandpa's house.  It was neat to see the new waterfall in the backyard and to meet a family whose wife/mother was residing there.  Such an affirmation that it was meant to be! 

Of course the wedding was a blast, and we got home exhausted.  Sunday morning it started all over again with family brunch after mass.  Auggie and Michelle came to open presents and hang out.  It was good to see them one more time.  Tom finally caught his breath that afternoon when there was nothing left to do.  We had some time together - went and bought the camera that couldn't capture the pictures of earlier fun.  We enjoyed a quieter dinner - only 9 of us, before retiring back at the house for a movie.

The best part of being in Portland is spending time with family!  Can't wait for the next trip!

"pictures of the end of our trip" or more likely "playing with a new camera":

Ollie after a good nap and Mommy after a great walk with her sister

 playtime on the deck - nothing beats splashing in a nalgene of water

 mom and dad's garden still in bloom!

 leisurely catching up on the news on a Sunday afternoon

- rockem sockem robots -
a favorite toy of the boys when visiting Grandma and Grandpa

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