Tuesday, October 2, 2012


There is more to post about our adventures of the last week - namely a trip to Portland for my brother's wedding.  It really was a fantastic trip - lots of quality time with my family and many moments of tenderness with my nephews and little cousins. 
But this post is about my fortune: "OPPORTUNITY AWAITS YOU ON NEXT TUESDAY."  I received this fortune in my cookie at dinner on Sunday night.  The jury was out about whether this was a reference to THIS Tuesday or NEXT Tuesday, and today being Tuesday, I have kept an eye out for opportunities.
After leaving work last week on a somewhat sour note, I wasn't thrilled to see my boss today.  However, he offered me the "opportunity" to stay home and rest tomorrow because I am so tired today.  (We left my parents' home at 5 am and arrived at our own at 10:30 pm - yes, I am a bit tired today.)  Could this be the opportunity that awaits me?  With my Sunday hours and long Mondays, I have the comp time, so I am going to take this opportunity!

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