Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Playtime in the woods

I know most probably think of gathering firewood as hard work and a chore, but I enjoy our trips so much - not that I haven't mentioned that a ton, I know.  We missed a weekend of woodcutting while in Portland, but we jumped right back in on Saturday.  Tom's chainsaw is still down, but there was plenty of work loading up the trucks.  Oh yeah, and entertaining Sofia. 

Well, Tom's saw worked for a few cuts

 Sara and Maya's fort was still standing from the weekend before and kept them busy

 the "fog" never lifted - which I think means they're really clouds
Mom was in the back of the truck loading

 Marie's action shot - throwing the logs David cut

 no mist or cloud can penetrate this sunny smile

Andres, Daniel, Julie, and Pop were too far away with the mist and clouds to get any pictures without taking an even longer break from loading, and I really like schlepping the wood to the truck.  Maybe this weekend I can capture their hard work, too.  Fingers crossed, the pieces Tom got from the hardware store this week will restore his chainsaw to power, and he'll be cutting this Saturday, too! 

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