Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Progress

I just posted a whole bunch of pictures of our March and April progress, but I really was excited about how much more the house looks like a house (from the outside) as the siding continued to go up this past weekend.

Our south wall is framed because of all the windows.  To boost the R-value, we are putting a layer of 1.5" foil-faced foam on the outside of the sheeting. But because we need something to nail the siding into, we put up nailing strips at least every two feet first and then cut the foam to fit.  Finally, that gets covered in Tyvek, and the wall is ready for siding.  With the nail gun, those strips go up fast!

Saturday we got up all the nailing strips and then the siding to the west (left) of the sliding door, including the trim it butts up against.

After church and lunch on Sunday, we got all the siding up to east (right) of the sliding door, plus trim.

These pictures make me happy, especially the reflection of the mesa in the windows.  May will bring us more siding, more siding, and more siding - three walls to go after this.

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