Monday, May 6, 2013

No Moping for Me! Pt I

Tom and I stay busy for work.  Often times when we have trainings or conferences, they become overnight affairs (using definition 1.a. plural : commercial, professional, public, or personal business - not 3.a.).  We talk on the phone in the evening, but otherwise just bide our time till our reunion.  With Tom's new job, there are quite a few multi-day meetings and seminars that he will be away for, as in last week when he went to Las Cruces for several days.  I chose not to sit around and wait, and the poor guy arrived home Saturday evening to a cold, empty house.  (At his insistence I didn't come home until Sunday, so he could sleep late and have a day of rest without the slave driver to keep him busy, I mean, so I could see all my friends.)  "/

I left later than I hoped after work on Thursday - an ordeal with a non-functioning cell phone.  Betty welcomed me home again with open arms.  Hard to believe it's been almost five years since my surgery, when I recuperated on the third floor with Betty taking excellent care of my hot cocoa, grilled cheese, and movie needs.  (Actually, when I arrived at nine o'clock on Thursday, she got out the griddle and made me a grilled cheese sandwich and mug of hot cocoa!)

Friday morning I headed out for the first of many visits:

I met Anna Belle down south to catch up over breakfast, a favorite tradition of ours.

After breakfast I made my way up to the NW and caught up with Britta and Kiri.  Britta suggested Indian for lunch, which was delicious, though Kiri found the rice more fun to rub into the table.  Kiri just turned one, and though she was a bit shy at first, warmed right up and showed off her sweet personality.  Such a wonderful age!

I caught Kiri being cute.

From lunch I headed back downtown to visit some friends at Denver Urban Gardens.  We got to check out the building they are moving into this summer.  I look forward to visiting again when they are all settled in.

After a quick stop at an Asian market for some much needed (and not so available in our neighborhood) ingredients, I headed out for my first massage work from Cathy in over a year.  Not that it isn't an indulgence of luxurious proportions, a year was a long time to wait.  Cathy's so in demand, I just haven't been able to get an appointment any other time we've been in town.  It helps so much with my shoulder and low back stuff.  Afterwards, we went out for a Lebanese/Mediterranean dinner and got to catch up.  I was so relaxed when I got back to Betty's that I didn't think my brain would work fast enough for a game of dominoes, but I got lucky.  No question - I slept soundly that night.

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