Sunday, September 19, 2010

A growing pile...

Friday I was home early from work (four long days will mean either a fifth short day or no fifth day at all!).  Thomas and I ran the splitter for a good part of the day...four hours, maybe? "The splitter" is a gas powered wood splitter that makes short work of cutting down our big tree logs into fireplace sized bits.  Maybe not short work, but easier than if you had to split it with an axe.  Our firewood pile still looks a little puny to me, but gratefully Thomas hasn't insisted that we stack it in nice rows, as I remember the joy of that growing up.

Saturday, Thomas and I were up bright and early to head up with the family into the forest in search of dead or down trees to fill up four pick up truck beds.  Unfortunately we were ready a little too early, as we hadn't gotten the message about leaving at 8 am (poor Marie got a lot of grief for this one...).  I am not sure if that contributed to our disposition, but neither Thomas nor I were terribly amused as we proceeded to drive past some prime firewood in search of a more perfect spot.  The further we drove, the more treacherous the road, and the worse my headache grew.  At one point we nearly lost it, as Thomas's dad lost traction on a particularly steep and rocky section.  We nearly had a collision, as he tried to back-up to gain a better path.  Thank goodness all was well.

We did find a nice spot where the road forked.  We cut in all directions and began filling the trucks.  With a truck and a half to go, we laid out sheets and rolled up logs for a fantastic picnic.  At once Marie and I both wished we had a camera to capture the fun.  We passed sandwich trimmings, cookies and chips, soda, and some really great cantaloupe.  We laughed as Alice made Andres look her in the eye and tell her he had only had three Nilla Wafers.  He pulled it off, saying "I only had three", but she told him to repeat himself and say "three Nilla Wafers".  He did and looked away right at the end, and she called him on it with an "ah ha!"  He covered his face and moaned.  He can't fool his grandma!

After lunch we finished off the trucks.  It was a much longer day than last weekend because we had to go back down the road we came up, now with full loads.  You could smell brakes and hot, hot engines as we caravaned out in low gear, but at last we hit smooth road and then the highway.  Thomas was pooped, so I unloaded the truck and put everything away myself. 

Next up was laundry, changing the sheets, putting things away.  I didn't let Thomas nap too long, as I wanted him to be able to sleep before 2 am.  I am a lucky girl, as he has the weekend off, but he will have an extra brutal weekend next week.  In light of our luck, I proposed SWILLFEST!  Graciously, Marie offered to host us all.  We enjoyed great stories and much laughter, but by 10 pm the gang of us loggers were pooped and ready for sleep.  An early night, to be sure, but the snoring children on the couch didn't keep us from yawning.

Today we enjoyed church in the morning and a mostly lazy day, but I was back at the splitter this afternoon.  That pile is starting to grow and grow...

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