Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unlimited long distance....

Oh yeah....unlimited......

Sure, after 8 pm and on's a fairly standard cell phone feature.  But out here I was thrilled to have a land line, and it is more comfortable to talk on than a cell phone.  So paying for unlimited long distance means there is no limit, except for bed time, to my phone calls...not the time of day or day of week! 

Not surprisingly Thomas would rather choke on a piece of my tofu than talk on the phone, which just means he's not tying up the line. 

I only bring this up because the weeknights I come home to no Thomas, nearly every weeknight, I can pass the time knitting, online, or reading, but the past couple of nights I have had really, really great phone calls with friends.  Thanks, Deb & Cathy, for our really great discussions and rememberings and other stories.  It's good to be connected.-

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