Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Monday morning we rolled out of bed to the alarm. I got dressed and ready and headed into the kitchen to make a couple quick breakfast smoothies. Miki was a little nervous about the noise waking up Oliver, but he also needed to be awake, so he could be fed and changed for his baptism. We scooted on down the road to church in morning traffic and found front row parking at Mom & Dad's house.
Miki dressed Oliver in the baptismal gown that the four of us wore and the four Dieringer kiddos wore, too. Two backup outfits were on hand just in case...
The baptism itself was great. Miki and Marty posted some nice pics at Our camera was out of commission, since we were with the parents and baby. Oliver was all smiles for Fr. Bob, and with his nightly bath routine, he wasn't phased at all by the water being poured over his head. And with all the chrism oil, he sure smelled good! What a privilege for Tom and I to be Ollie's padrinos, as we say down here. The morning mass crowd, many "contemporaries" of my grandparents who watched us all grow up, were there to celebrate and continue the celebration with breakfast at Mom & Dad's. We had a nice time before continuing to hang out and enjoy family time.
Marty, Miki, Dad, me, Oliver, Tom, and Mom... SISTERS~ how proud of and excited for my little sister!

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