Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Foundation - finished!

We were all head prisoner between these bars until it was finished. With the sun rising and the concrete setting, we urgently got the last of the rebar in place and the concrete smoothed around them. Then, with my soreness, hunger, and thirst, I made it out of the pit and into the kitchen to make lunch! My fingers felt raw on my left hand, tender tips. When I finally washed them, I learned that I should have been wearing gloves. Actually, I wore a glove on my right hand to prevent calluses from holding the trowel with which I smoothed the concrete. But I do prefer the dexterity of a bare hand, so I left my left bare, unknowing of the consequences. And none of my experienced colleagues of the pit told me otherwise! (Thanks, guys!)
It looks like a mouse was nibbling off my fingertips. Or maybe a caterpillar from the garden mistook my fingers for carrots. The squirrely little lines and holes hurt. Sometimes with use they become numb, like being in the ocean so long you don't realize it is cold. And then I do something that smarts like fire. The throbbing in my fingertips will subside, I am sure...
And here it is...our footer for the walls we will put up in the spring. After putting up the basement walls, we will pour the slab.
Thomas glazing the concrete...

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