Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a way to start a day!

This morning I didn't want to get out of bed.  Could be that I stayed up to late.  Could be that the bed is so warm and comfortable in the morning, as compared to the rest of the world.  Could be that even with the shades drawn, I could sense the overcast-ness of the day, the kind of day that deserves to be relished under blankets with books and movies and cocoa.  But we do what we do because we're "supposed" to - get up, get dressed, freshen up, and head off for work. 
I sat in the car a moment to let it warm and run the windshield wipers.  Then the moment arrives that I set the car in motion, and, in my case, it doesn't stop until I park it at the office.  Maybe a brake here or there for deer, but never a stop.  As I pulled out to the highway, I watched Blackie motor by, reluctantly taking Daniel to work.  
Following Daniel is usually not maddening, as he drives at a good clip and fairly consistently.  (Yes, there are others who drive slow, then speed up in the passing lanes, then slow down again....maddening!)  We were keeping pace pretty well, but he started slowing down a little, then a little more, then completely pulled off the road.  He started to get out and had something in his hand.  My first thought was what a bummer to breakdown, but what luck that I was so close if he needed a ride.
But, in fact, Daniel offered me half a cream cheese-y bagel with chopped garlic and green chiles on top.  He, too, would have liked to stay home and enjoy the storm rolling in (a real live storm with thunder showers, snow, and a winter storm warning from 4 pm - 6 am).  We chatted a moment longer, and then drudged back into motion of going to work. 
My drudge was infinitely better with a warm, toasted bagel in my hand and the smile of seeing family on my face!  Thanks, Daniel!

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