Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garden imposters

I was watering this morning at the neighbors.  They have lots of hummingbirds and other birds because of the pond, water fountain, and many colorful flowers.  Their yard is really huge, and they have more than several flowerbeds.  The hummingbirds are always buzzing across the yard, which makes for great entertainment when Filthy Cat darts about trying to follow them. 

This morning I noticed the most unusually red, white, and black zebra-striped hummingbird.  It's coloring was so fascinating.  Then I realized it had antennas and that the beak really looked more like a needle proboscis shaped like Gonzo the Muppet's.  It was not hummingbird, but a hummingbird clearwing.  It is a moth that comes from a caterpillar and metamorphosis, like any other moth.  The body was about the size of my thumb.  Pretty nifty...

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