Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting closer...

Yesterday I went to Albuquerque with Thomas.  He had to go for work, so I did a little big city shopping and a lot of reading.  With just the one car and the one cell phone, we kept time the old fashioned way.  Waiting for Thomas after I made my purchases, I sat and read, people watched, and even got to see Tio Henry and Tia Patsy who happened to have some shopping to do, too.  Anyhow, we did have some supplies to pick up to finish off our mudroom, namely paint, though we did decide to add a gutter to the mix.  Today we go the rest of the paint up and the rest of the vinyl flooring down.  Hopefully tomorrow afternoon it will feel dry enough to slide the washer and dryer back into place.

It won't be long until that room is finished!  (Then on to other projects....)

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